Developing Chains

My crochet journey.

#TournamentofStitches — April 12, 2018


I found the #TournamentofStitches on Since I’ve been looking for CAL, this sounded like a lot of fun, so I joined in. I really enjoyed this mystery CAL. I know I have some issues, but it was so much fun. I chose to do the “be quiet, I’m crocheting” is weeks 2-4.

Here’s what I ended up with;

Game Day Make-Along 2018 —

Game Day Make-Along 2018

I’ve been looking for CAL so I can learn new stitches. I found one by Marley Bird from February 4. I wish I’d been interested in doing this then. Anyways, I found the pattern here. I learned the pineapple stitch and a spike stitch. It’s cool what you can pick up from these.

Ultimately, this turned out to be a cowl. It easily slides over your head.

Hats — February 28, 2018


My last round with hats was a disaster, but eventually I knew I’d should try again. So, I found a great site promising a 30 minute hat. She was right it does take between 30-45 minutes per hat. It’s a very simple pattern and i was so happy when the hat looked like a hat. Eventually, I plan to get more complex, but for now this was a great start. Originally, I made a grey hat, but then decided to try different types of yarn to see if the pattern was still as great – YES!

Small Clutch — February 23, 2018

Small Clutch

I’ve been looking around for patterns that aren’t blankets lately. I found some small clutch images, but finding a pattern seemed to be more difficult. I then rad across Dot’s Little Ditty Bag. It was so cute and looked like it wouldn’t take that long to work up. I used part of a skein I had left over. It took about 2 hours to complete the clutch. It is so cute. I used the H hook as indicated. A stitch marker really is needed to keep track of the rounds. I actually had an extra stitch, but you’d never know it if I hadn’t said anything.

Scarf – skinny — February 18, 2018
Shawl – soft —

Shawl – soft

I adapted a pattern from Beatrice Ryan Designs to create this shawl. I ended up leaving off the ends because it looked strange with the variegated yarn. I used an H hook instead of the I. The shawl didn’t take much time at all. I love the way the pattern turned out. However, it ended up not being as long as I had hoped. I may go back and add something to the ends later. Something to ponder.

I have added pictures of the front, the back and the front up close.

Rainbow Granny Square — January 24, 2018

Rainbow Granny Square

I’ve been wanting to try the Red Heart Stripes yarn, so I bought 5 skeins (used 4.5) of the Favorite Stripe. While the skeins look pretty, it turned out that they are actually rainbow colors. For this blanket, I chose not to include the chain between my 3-dc clusters. Usually, I don’t add a border to my blankets, but with all of the beautiful colors I had to. I used a single crochet all the way around and then a double crochet all the at around to finish the border. It turned out so nice it’s hard to give it away, but there is always a child that needs it more than me.