Developing Chains

My crochet journey.

Midland Basket — February 23, 2018

Midland Basket

I’ve been wanting to crochet a basket, but I’m not good with keeping the rounds even. This pattern was challenging for me just like I was worried. Even though, I continued with the pattern and made it through to the end. All in all, it turned out well. The basket isn’t symmetrical, but it definitely can hold items. It’s that the overall point? I would definitely try this pattern from Lion Brand again.

Fast-Track Yarn Shawl/Scarf — February 18, 2018

Fast-Track Yarn Shawl/Scarf

I’ve been wanting to try out the fast-track yarn from Lion Brand. It finally went on sale, so I bought some and the rest is history. It really does fast-track. I used the v-stitch to create the pattern. The scarf became really long, so I decided that it might be more of a shawl for someone. I used dark blue and tan.

Final size – 82″ x 11″

I’ve included a folded up view as well as a close up view.