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My crochet journey.

“Magic Summer” DROPSAlong Clue 5 — May 22, 2018
“Magic Summer” DROPSAlong Clue 4 — May 10, 2018
“Magic Summer” DROPSAlong Clues 1-3 — May 4, 2018
“Magic Summer” DROPS-Along — April 30, 2018

“Magic Summer” DROPS-Along

One of the next CAL I’m planning to participate in is the “Magic Summer” DROPS-Along by Garnstudio. This CAL is to crochet a shawl. They include step-by-step pictures as well as videos, so I hope to learn lots. It begins on Thursday, May 3rd. The tags for this CAL are #DROPSAlong and #MagicSummerCAL.

Materials can be found on the “What do I need to start?” page.

A 4mm hook is recommended or a size to obtain 18 treble crochets x 8 rows = 10 cm square. So, I still need to make a swatch. I’m planning to do that today or tomorrow, so I’m ready to go :-).

I’ve decided to use my own rendition of the colors (DROPS DROPS Cotton Light):

colour letter – Provided – Mine

  • colour a – pearl grey – light grey
  • colour b – grape – purple
  • colour c – green – bright green
  • colour d – brown – brown
  • colour e – yellow – buttercup
  • colour f – red – red
  • color g – khaki – taupe
  • colour h – dark grey – dark grey
  • colour i – off white – ivory
  • colour j – light jeans blue – royalty

Here’s a link to the image of their colors above.

I’ll get a picture of my colors