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Sweetpea Blanket — June 13, 2018

Sweetpea Blanket

I have finally finished the Sweetpea Blanket. It’s not the entire pattern. I’d work on it and then leave and return and forget it was written in UK terms. Needless to say it’s got a little US and UK stitches mixed in. But I’m still impressed with how it turned out. I decided to use “I love this cotton” yarn from Hobby Lobby.

“Magic Summer” DropsAlong Clue 7 — May 31, 2018
“Magic Summer” DROPSAlong Clue 5 — May 22, 2018
“Magic Summer” DROPSAlong Clue 4 — May 10, 2018
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Cosmic CAL Part 3 — May 4, 2018
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“Magic Summer” DROPS-Along — April 30, 2018

“Magic Summer” DROPS-Along

One of the next CAL I’m planning to participate in is the “Magic Summer” DROPS-Along by Garnstudio. This CAL is to crochet a shawl. They include step-by-step pictures as well as videos, so I hope to learn lots. It begins on Thursday, May 3rd. The tags for this CAL are #DROPSAlong and #MagicSummerCAL.

Materials can be found on the “What do I need to start?” page.

A 4mm hook is recommended or a size to obtain 18 treble crochets x 8 rows = 10 cm square. So, I still need to make a swatch. I’m planning to do that today or tomorrow, so I’m ready to go :-).

I’ve decided to use my own rendition of the colors (DROPS DROPS Cotton Light):

colour letter – Provided – Mine

  • colour a – pearl grey – light grey
  • colour b – grape – purple
  • colour c – green – bright green
  • colour d – brown – brown
  • colour e – yellow – buttercup
  • colour f – red – red
  • color g – khaki – taupe
  • colour h – dark grey – dark grey
  • colour i – off white – ivory
  • colour j – light jeans blue – royalty

Here’s a link to the image of their colors above.

I’ll get a picture of my colors

Sweetpea Blanket CAL Part 2 —
Cosmic CAL Part 2 —